What is Every Day Math????
The Philosophy of Every Day Math The program focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, and learning concepts in math – not just computation and getting the right answer. This program is very different from traditional math instruction – but…it is research based, proven to work, and there are many districts currently using it. Traditional math instruction does not produce the critical thinkers that our changing society will need. There are Beginning, Developing and Secure learning goals. Students are only responsible for Secure skills, but Beginning and Developing skills are threaded throughout.
Alternative Algorithms Every Day Math teaches alternative algorithm. The purpose of alternative algorithms is to teach concepts, not just computation. Although traditional algorithms are the most efficient for us, they may not be for all students.
I encourage you to resist the temptation to show your child “the right way to do it.” The new way may be the right way for the student. Games Games are important. These learning activities are used to practice and reinforce important concepts for second grade. Have your child teach YOU the games and play them together.